Hackers share hardware - learn learn learn!

This project is maintained by kramshoej

Welcome to Hackershare.dk.

This project is about sharing hardware, information and knowledge.


I have decided that too much hardware is lying around unused. Too much hardware that could be put to good use. So why dont we pool hardware, make a site for sharing the hardware. Perhaps we can even generate interest from groups and facilitate corporation and connect like minded individuals interested in the same subjects.

How does it work?

Yeah it is not really started yet, but

We make a list of hardware available, including special tags including some hardware which requires prerequisites.

Example: Parallella board. Complexity: medium-advanced, tags: fpga, small, portable. This would be gathered along with power supply, cables, small instruction guide and packed for transport. Then we would arrange transportation either pick up at specific places, humans meeting up somewhere, or the cheapest GLS, UPS, whatever. Note: if the hackershare project has an account with these companies creating a return slip is EASY.

Then create a booking system allowing people to request and queue up for hardware, then we allocate hardware based on interest - if there is a queue you get to play with the device for a month, otherwise for longer periods.


I would love if this could grow into a bigger project that could buy stuff in the range 1.000-10.000DKK and lend out for free! For this to work we would need:

These things would all be easier if we can demonstrate with some existing equipment that the concept works. So if you have surplus hardware lets get a site moving - and start learning.


This project is currently an idea by @kramshoej you are welcome to clone this page, add something (create pull request) to get this project off the ground.